What's new in the library?

Book Reviews

If you have not stopped by the rejuvenated church library just across the hall from the kitchen, please do so. All the books that were shelved at the old building have been cataloged in a computer database, and more (donations and purchases) are being added regularly. We have books touching on all areas of Christian living, as well as doctrine, commentaries, reference, biography, fiction, junior fiction, video and audio resources.

Plans for the upcoming year include adding some classic feature films to our video collection, replacing worn copies of children's books, and regularly purchasing new releases of important books.

The library is a self-serve library and the easy checkout procedure is posted in the room. In addition, each Sunday after the worship service one of the librarians will be in the room to assist you. All are eager to see the library become a much-used resource and are happy to answer questions or help in any way. Please contact one of the committee members if you desire to be involved in this ministry.