Book Nook

What's new in the Book Nook?

booknookAs a ministry, the RMCC Book Nook exists to encourage a culture of reading within Rocky Mountain Community Church that promotes fuller understanding of the gospel, Christ-centered ministry, unity among believers, and deeper growth within the context of the covenant of grace so that we might be more fully equipped to bring light to those who are perishing, thereby glorifying God the Father Almighty.



Our goals are to:

  • Directly support and supplement the ministries of RMCC (such as preaching and Sunday school) by providing books as they are recommended by the RMCC staff.
  • Offer for purchase (at below retail prices) the best Reformed books available-especially those not available through local bookstores. These books will display the distinctives of our Reformed faith and encourage RMCC members to shape their lives according to those distinctives.
  • Provide a service for individuals to order Reformed books at below retail prices with minimal shipping expenses.
  • Provide newsletters and/or articles in the bulletin providing information about new and prominent reformed books.
  • Make enough profit to cover expenses, including shipping, and to slowly expand the inventory of books.